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RockyTop Models is introducing it's first Pro Series Line (PSL) kit:

Howard DGA - 15P

wingspan 24.375 inches

Prototype model above built and photographed by Buzz Trabic

These Pro Series Line kits will include laser cut parts and computer drawn plans in the same RockyTop fashion that has made our kits some of the finest available

the kit consists of:

Over 100 laser cut parts cut from Contest Balsa sheet featuring some of the best laser cutting available
Hand selected balsa and bass strip wood, carefully matched for each application
Detailed computer drawn plans, shipped rolled
Easy to read building and flying instructions
Proof of scale documentation including 3-views, insignias, etc
Quality Esaki Lite-Flite Japanese tissue
Complete hardware pack with molded plastic prop, pre bent S hook and nylon thrust bearing and plenty of FAI contest quality rubber strip

in stock 

copyright 2007 RockyTop Models