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Universal Fuselage Building Fixture (UFBF)

This is a first class fixture laser cut from 1/4 inch plywood.  Use of the precision cut 1/4 inch plywood makes for a firm and rigid fixture that will serve you for years to come.

It slips in together in several minutes and features interlocking parts.  

It contains all the parts needed including the brass nails and rubber bands.  It will become one of your most useful tools to build straight and true fuselages.

Using this fixture to construct your next fuselage will assure that it comes out straight and true.

This fixture is sized to accomadate anything from a peanut scale to most jumbo scale fuselages.  The internal dimensions are  22 inches long and 4-1/2 inches wide.



RTA-004 - Universal Fuselage Building Fixture

Universal Fuselage Building Fixture assembly and use instructions

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How to assemble the Universal Fuselage Building Fixture

Because of the interlocking nature of this fixture, it is best to follow these steps exactly!


1. The laser cut jig comes nicely packaged in a plastic bag.

2. The parts ready to assemble.

3. Remove the brass nails from the bag, they must be inserted FIRST.

4. Tap the brass nails in all holes so the tips barely come though the other side. Don't get carried away, just nudge them into place.  It may be helpful to place a small piece of metal on the backside as you tap the nails into place so they bottom out all the same.  The sides are symmetrical, so there is no need to pay attention to which part to use, which side, etc...just put the brass nails on both pieces

5. Slip the center support into the rear.

6. Next add the front.

7. Add the sides.

8. Slip the side supports from the inside

9. Add the plywood keepers.  You are ready to build with the Universal Fuselage Building Fixture!

How to use the Universal Fuselage Building Fixture:

(This sequence of pictures shows one of the prototype builds of a RockyTop Models Earl Stahl Classic Spitfire)


1. Build one side of the fuselage flat on the building board.

 2. Next add the temporary internal bracing so the half fuselage can be placed in the Universal Fuselage Building Fixture.  Make the vertical braces out of scrap wood and make them long enough to extend past the Universal Fuselage Building Fixture sides.  Tack glue the vertical braces to the keels and then glue the main stiffener (also made out of scrap wood) to each vertical brace.  This forms a "stiff-back", temporarily attached to the half fuselage, and that later will be used to rest on the Universal Fuselage Building Fixture.  Choose wood for the "stiff-back" that is straight and of an appropriate size for your particular model to maintain straightness.  The other side can then be completed on the true and flat first half fuselage.

3. The Universal Fuselage Building Fixture awaiting it's half fuselage still on the board

4. Remove the half fuselage on it's internal bracing. 

 5. Flip the half fuselage and rest the vertical braces on the Universal Fuselage Building Fixture.  Add the rubber bands to secure the vertical braces to the Universal Fuselage Building Fixture.  No need to get carried away, just keep things snug.

 6. Add the other half fuselage formers being careful to keep them perfectly vertical.

7. Continuing to add the remaining fuselage formers.

8. The formers added, awaiting stringers. 

9. Add the stringers and other wing root rib to complete the structure 

 10.  Remove the completed fuselage and carefully remove the "stiff-back" temporary internal bracing.  If you follow this method you will end up with a straight and true fuselage every time!


RTA-004 - Universal Fuselage Building Fixture


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