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Miles Magister M.14 wins a major Mass Launch at the 2006 FAC Nationals

RockyTop Models is just back from the 2006 FAC Nationals, and on a happy note, Buzz Trabbic (Mr. RockyTop himself!) won the Low Wing Trainer Mass Launch with his Miles Magister M.14 built from one of our fine laser cut kits!   Involving over 40 contestants, broken out into 2 groups where each group flew 3 rounds, plus a final fly-off round, Buzz's model endured!  He won!  What a great tribute to one of our flagship kits!
Congratulations Buzz! 

Buzz launching his Miles Magister at the 2006 SMALL fly-in near Little Rock Arkansas. This was the first real test of the Miles and Buzz was still learning the correct size motor, max turns, and fine trim adjustments.  At the 2006 FAC Nats, it apparently paid off as he settled on a winning combination!

Here is a shot from the 2006 FAC Nats during one of the rounds of the mass launch in which Buzz prevailed.  Buzz is the second one from the left in this mass launch.

Here is another shot of Buzz launching his Miles Magister M.14 in another round.

More details of the NATS win as they become available!

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