A web based cottage industry
offering quality laser cut scale free flight kits and supplies


We get our name from our location in the hills of central Tennessee.  We offer quality laser cut kits, with hand selected wood, Esaki tissue and a complete hardware package.  We are proud of our kits and our goal is to make them some of the best available.

Our kits are designed with the the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools that allow him to produce an extremely accurate set of drawings.  These CAD drawings are not only accurate but perfectly symmetrical, including all formers, cowls and ribs.  We have went through great pains to ensure that not only are the plans drawn accurately, but also that the laser cut parts match the plans and fit each other well.  This extra mile ensures an enjoyable build with some of the finest hand chosen balsa wood available

RockyTop Models relies on Top Notch Products for their exceptional laser cutting. Top Notch Products is located near us in central Tennessee, allowing us to closely monitor the laser cutting.  Our CAD generated patterns are directly fed into the laser cutter as “cut files” making the process complete with Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) on the laser.  This true CAD/CAM process ensures all parts fit each other and match the plans.

Buzz Trabbic personally ensures that our kits are of exceptional quality.  Buzz’s process involves the extensive critique of all CAD plans and proofing the kits before they are released.  Proofing involves the actual building of a pre-production laser cut kit paying careful attention to part fit and ease of building.  Any changes needed are fed back to the original CAD drawn plans ensuring that any small changes needed are incorporated into the entire CAD/CAM process.  This closed loop process ensures that our kits are some of the finest available.

Why are we producing these quality laser cut kits?  First, because we love them ourselves, and second because we want others to enjoy them too.  We believe there are many modelers out there like us who would like to build these kinds of models.  By offering these quality laser cut kits, it is our hope that others can also share the joy of building and flying them too.  No longer do you have to cut out complicated formers and ribs with a razor blade; they are cut perfectly by our laser!

Future offerings from RockyTop Models include a complete line of Earl Stahl Classic Series airplanes all done with our proven CAD/CAM laser cutting techniques.

Our kits are available for direct online purchasing on our website, www.rockytopmodels.com. 

RockyTop Models hopes that you have fun building and flying our quality laser cut kits!  


Buzz Trabbic

Owner, RockyTop Models





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